A Fishing Kayak Review of the Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Hunting and Fishing Canoe

The Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Hunting and fishing canoe is a two-person canoe with a kayak design. Choosing an inflatable kayak or canoe is a debate that many beginner paddlers often consider.

Many paddlers have the misconception that inflatable kayaks and canoes will pop easily. While inflatable boats are definitely not as durable as a hard plastic kayak, there have been many innovations with material over the years and many are very sturdy.

The Sevylor Inflatable Colorado canoe is made of 18 gauge PVC construction with 420D nylon cover, making it very durable for most waters. Another thought that often goes through ones’ mind when considering an inflatable is how you are going to inflate it. On the market today there are multiple air pumps including portables and pumps that hook up to your car 12volt socket.

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With these misconceptions aside, the Sevylor Colorado canoe can hold up to 500 pounds, which is a surprisingly high weight capacity for a vessel that measures 10’ 9”. The small length of the canoe makes it easy to transport and the 3’ 1” width is wider than most kayaks on the current market.

However, even though it is easy to transport, most two person kayaks and canoes are usually well over 12 feet in length. Since the Sevylor Colorado is only 10’ 9”, movement and leg space will be restricted due to it being a two-person vessel. Length in general plays a large role in stability, but the Sevylor Colorado accommodates for this by having a double hull and raised bow and stern.

This makes it more maneuverable in rough waters than traditional canoes. The Sevylor Colorado is ideal for those who are into the outdoors because it is made with rugged waters in mind. I could easily envision people using the Sevylor Colorado for a goose hunt excursion or a fun fishing trip with a friend.

The Sevylor Colorado is also equipped with bucket seats that have backrests, making paddling more comfortable. Overall, I would recommend the Sevylor Colorado for those who like to paddle, hunt, or fish together because it has a sturdy, kayak-like design, but yet has the portability of an inflatable vessel. Below is a list of the advantages and disadvantages I’ve found with the Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Canoe.

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  • Lightweight design makes for easy portability
  • Easy to store when not using
  • Compact design makes it easy to transport to your location
  • 500 pound weight capacity
  • 2 person occupancy
  • Double hull with raised bow and stern
  • Comfortable seating when compared to a traditional canoe
  • Sit on top design makes for easy mobility when paddling, hunting, or fishing


  • Is not as durable as a hard plastic kayak
  • Could potentially be punctured by fishing equipment or other means
  • The length is shorter than other two person vessels
  • Sit on top design is not as stable in white water as white water kayaks are
  • Restricted mobility due to the vessel being 10’ 9” with a two person occupancy
  • Needs to be pumped up before use

Overall, it’s clear that there are more advantages to the Sevylor Colorado canoe than there are disadvantages. Whether or not to choose this canoe as your own is completely up to your preferences and style of paddling. The Sevylor is great for recreational outdoor paddling, along with fishing and hunting.

The two-person design is often preferred by people who would like to fish together instead of on separate vessels. I’ve often seen fathers and sons go out in two person canoes and kayaks as well as couples.

Whether it is used to spark outdoor interest in a new paddler, or a long excursion, the Sevylor Colorado Hunting and Fishing canoe is a great choice for a variety of outdoor enthusiasts.

This 2-person canoe is the perfect for those days when you just want to spend time with your son, pal, or special someone.

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